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One third of agency heads may change jobs this year compared with around half of senior in-house folk

6th March 2017

Over half of in-house PROs (55%) could move jobs this year and around one-third of agency people (36%) are either definitely, or are considering, changing jobs. This is according to a recent survey conducted by PRmoment with the help of research agency Question and Retain (Q&R),

Are you planning to move job this year?
- Agency MDs, board directors and CEOs

PRmoment PR Industry Pulse - February 27th - March 3rd 2017
Sample size:  c750 PR Agency MDs, board directors & CEOs

The reasons PROs give for wanting to move range from having a positive job offer to being made redundant. Others say it is simply “time to move” or that they are only in an intermediate or contract role.

Discussing the job market in PR right now, Colette Brown, founder of recruitment consultancy Prospect Resourcing, says: “It’s a good time to look, businesses are hiring, but agencies more than in-house for the reason of size essentially. In-house teams (with some exceptions) are just smaller. Senior level is still quite tough though – the work is at the ‘doing’ end. There is more demand for implementers rather than strategists.”

Discussing whether it is harder for in-house of agency people to find the next job, Brown says it is more difficult for in-house PROs: “Generally they will find it takes longer to secure something if they are looking to go to another in-house role.”

Are you planning to move job this year?
- In-House

PRmoment PR Industry Pulse - February 27th - March 3rd 2017
Sample size: c600 In-house clients

More in-house PR professionals may be thinking of moving this year than agency professionals, but it might take them longer than they would like to find the perfect role.

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