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If you want to reach impulse buyers and men, target mobile shoppers

26th April 2013

Thanks to mobile phones, people are shopping differently now. The global rise in smartphone ownership is making a big impact on the retail landscape. In the US alone, there are expected to be 175 million mobile shoppers by 2016 according to eMarketer.

One way that phones are influencing people’s shopping habits, is shown by the statistic that men are keener mobile shoppers. Research from Kantar Media’s Global TGI reveals that in the US 16 per cent of men say they are interested in using their phone to shop, compared to 13 per cent of women. This compares with 12 per cent and 10 per cent respectively in Great Britain.

Penetration of mobile shoppers by gender

Source: Global TGI, part of Kantar Media

Kantar Media’s Global TGI research also shows that mobile shoppers are more likely to impulse buy. In France, for example, 13 per cent of mobile shoppers say they tend to spend money without thinking, compared to 6 per cent of the general population.

Mobile shoppers are also keener on brands and labels. In Germany, 19 per cent of shoppers believe that well-known brands are better than a shop’s own, relative to 11 per cent of the population in general.

Mobile shopping and credit card usage: Use credit card weekly or more often

Source: Global TGI, part of Kantar Media

In many countries, mobile shoppers are more likely than the general population to be heavy users of credit cards. Mobile shoppers in Saudi Arabia are 86 per cent more likely than the general population to say that with a credit card they can buy the sort of things they couldn’t usually afford.

Polly Christie, senior global account manager at Kantar Media Global TGI, describes how mobiles are changing the way people shop, and suggests the opportunities this opens up to retailers: “The proliferation of shopping apps and mobile-enabled websites has given rise to a more empowered consumer, who can look up reviews, make price comparisons and download coupons in real time via their mobiles. In order to stand out, retailers must not only utilise these new innovations, but also understand how consumers engage with them and create customer-centric shopping experiences.

“It is now quick and easy to shop and compare products and prices anywhere, whether out shopping or from the comfort of the sofa. Consumers are firmly in the driving seat and retailers need to use renewed insight and analysis to ensure their offering is truly customer-focused.”


All data comes from Global TGI, part of Kantar Media. The results are based on more than 700,000 interviews conducted annually across 60-plus countries. Information is largely collected face-to-face, with a self-completion questionnaire subsequently left with respondents. Online is increasingly being offered as an option for respondents. (From the countries in the article Australia is specifically online only). For more information go to

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