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Why BA drives Francis Ingham to drink

14th April 2018

Now don’t misunderstand me. I love British Airways. And not just because BA is a PRCA member…. I’m a genuine fan. I like the staff. I like (usually) the planes. Petty as it is, I like the app. And though I’ve never used a single Avios point, I like the idea that one day I shall. In fact, over the past five years as chief executive of ICCO, I've flown on only one other carrier. And that was because I had to. But… some BA announcements drive me to despair and drive me to its (free) drink.

Allow me to offer up four examples of this:

So my plea to BA as a loyal customer: please just sort out your announcements. Because right now it’s a case of: To Fly. To Serve. To Read Out Annoying Randomly-Constructed Sentences.

Article written by PRCA director general Francis Ingham

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