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Who are the most irritating people in your day?

12th April 2013

I'd like to believe there is a little bit of good in everyone. But let's face it – some people are very irritating.

Here are some of the fools I have had to put up with today:

1. The woman who decided that her designer bag needed its own seat on my packed commuter train. So self-centred.

2. The tourists on Waterloo Bridge who asked me to take their picture. I don't have the time!

3. The bloke who paid by card for his coffee at the station during the morning rush hour. Now, there are unwritten rules...

4. I notice that my boss is walking around without her shoes on. Her feet look so middle-aged.

5. The tosser who ran through the train carriage to get the last seat. Classy!

6. I get a call from a journalist complaining that my client he interviewed didn’t say anything interesting, so could I put together quotes and send them over? I don’t know who to be more cross with, my client or the journalist. In the end I decide it is the journalist who is the bigger idiot, it was up to them to ask good questions after all.

7. I was just thinking the day couldn’t get any worse, when a client called asking to “renegotiate” the contract. Apparently they are struggling with our fees, which are ridiculously cheap as it is!

All I can say is “Aaaargh!

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