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What new year’s resolution would your PR colleagues like you to make?

14th January 2013

In the past I have made many new year’s resolutions. To get fit (I failed), to lose weight (I gained), to give up smoking (I cut down), be nicer to my fellow man (ha!) and to drink following government guidelines (hic!).

I have also resolved to focus on my career. And here I am, still doing the same old job for the same old salary. However, I am not alone in failing to improve myself, by the looks of those around me - they have struggled too. This year, we decided to give each other resolutions in our office.

Here’s how we’re getting on:

I was asked to stop swearing. I work hard, spend many hours commuting and the weekend takes military planning to ensure the kids are successufully ferried around. So, I'm afraid, swearing is one of the few joys I have left. So I'm not even going to try to give it up.

We asked my boss to try and be more cheerful, she was a miserable cow in 2012 (something to do with the new business pipeline I'm told). She has now got a strange smile on her face and has been behaving erratically. My colleague thinks she's having an affair; he may be right as I doubt the new business pipeline has improved much.

The mean git in the office was told to get in the first round of the new year. We are planning a pub trip on Friday, but Mean Git says he has a meeting then, but promises he will DEFINITELY buy us a drink next time. We’ve heard this excuse before.

The youngest member of the team, Party Animal, has been told to get in early each day. Last year we were lucky to see his unshaved face before 10.00am. This year? He has made it in before nine thirty every day! Progress of sorts I suppose...

Diet Bore has been told that she can’t mention dieting, what she plans to eat, has just eaten, would like to eat, or the calorie content of what we’re eating. So far she hasn’t done too badly, but is still managing to convey disgust with her eyes whenever she sees me chomping.

Fit Bloke has been told to stop walking around the office in jeans (or any sort of tight fitting trouser). He took no notice of my request to limit the relative shame. I think he bought a new pair of Levi's in the sales.

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