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What’s your excuse for not following your dreams?

19th April 2013

Here I am writing this stupid column again, instead of working on my novel. I know there must be a brilliant book in me somewhere, but I never find the time to get started. Plus, I should look for a better-paid job, learn a new language and get the house renovated. There just always seems to be better (or at least, easier) things to do.

What is stopping you fulfilling your dreams?

Here are some stupid reasons for carrying on just as you are:

1. Change is stressful. Change is also inevitable. At least if you decide what changes you want to make, you can be prepared.

2. You are perfectly happy as you are. Good for you. And what drugs are you taking? I‘d like some too!

3. You don’t have enough time. Who does? You can always find time for something you really want to do. I find plenty of time for procrastinating.

4. You will fail. Yep. That’s quite possible. Why take the risk?

5. You can do it when you retire. And when will you be able to afford to do that?

6. You have no talent. Apparently it only takes 10,000 hours to be a genius at something and that’s only 417 days. Who needs sleep?

7. You have to update your status on Facebook. Hmm.

Well those seem perfectly good reasons to put off writing my novel. I would find it embarrassing to win a Man Booker prize anyway

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