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Some stress release tips from Hacked Off Flack

17th January 2013

Miserable meetings, painful pitches, time-wasting timesheets, moaning clients, joyless journalists … I have had ENOUGH!

I am worrying so much about work that it's proving hard to find time for all my other worries. And there are plenty of those.

The wife suggests relaxation techniques, meditation and exercise, but I am just too wired for any of that namby-pamby stuff. Here are more manly suggestions for coping when the going gets tough:

1. Take it out on strangers. The commute offers perfect opportunities for this. Scream at those people who won’t move down the train. Shove people who are in your way (but not off the platform, obviously). Try not to kick or punch, this can get you into trouble.

2. Take time off work. Don’t wait until you really are sick. Take a day off before you get stress-induced flu. Sod’s law is that you will get flu the next day anyway.

3. Have a few stiff drinks. Don’t be concerned about going over your recommended number of units, unless you want to add another worry to your list.

4. Never offer to make the coffee for other people at work. You have enough on your plate without creating extra work for yourself.

5. Make a fuss. There’s no point suffering if no one is suffering with you. Moan, complain and gripe. Share the pain.

6. Book a holiday. Then at least you’ll have something to look forward to. Hell, why not go tomorrow?

7. Look for a new job. If you can’t find anything better, that means the one you have can’t be all bad.

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