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PR prizes go to Ant and Dec, but it’s a stern look of disapproval for Eden Hazard who kicked a ball boy

24th January 2013

Good PR of the week

I am going to ignore the whole Blue Monday PR thing, largely because when we once tried piggybacking on it in the past, the lovely Dr Ben Goldacre tore me a new one. With this in mind, the only one I am going to mention is The Sun and its great stunt of paying for people’s M6 Toll Road charge. Ok, so it did not get any wider coverage than, erm, The Sun, but what more did it need? It is still the biggest print newspaper in the UK. Kudos.

While also not strictly PR-related, you have to take your hat off to Ant or Dec for scooping the award for Best Entertainment Presenter, for the twelfth year running. The TV awards in general seem to have come back in favour this year with a bucket-load of great coverage so gold stars aplenty for the PR team behind it for getting such a great set of interviews sorted and out.

And by the way, how do I remember which is which? Well, ants would have a field day running up Ant’s big forehead. Cruel and crude I know.

Bad PR of the week

So many from USA this week, Beyonce and her miming, American gun-law nuts protesting and still wanting to keep their right to own guns and Apple failing to quell shareholder fears as its stock falls faster than a Swansea Ball Boy.

With that tenuous, shoe-horned link though, there can only be one winner, Eden Hazard and his ball-boy-kicking antics. The only person celebrating will be a certain Spanish waiter (Rafa Benitez) as the distraction will stop the fans clamoring for his head. Independent witnesses, such as myself, can all see that the lad “put a dive on it” to make the toe-poke look more sinister, but the reality is that this is not the first, second, or third time that Chelsea players have displayed that their moral compass is set to stun.

Cole and his air rifle, racist referee claims and John Terry, well, being himself, demonstrates that Chelsea’s PR team is probably the hardest working in the Premier League. Rumours that Torres also tried to kick the ball-boy, and missed, are said to be untrue.

Have you seen any good or bad PR?

Contact PR Rich Leigh with it by tweeting him @GoodandBadPR or by emailing throughout the week and we’ll happily credit you for your trouble.

Good and Bad PR is a feature on the blog of 10 Yetis PR Agency

The links in Adam Parker's comment below don't work, so we thougth it might be easier to include it in the body of the article as well:

Hi Rich, On the topic of Eden Hazard's kicking incident you may be interested to know that our Lissted data reckons the @ChelseaFC initial tweet of: "Has football gone mad? Hazard is sent off for kicking the ball under a ball boy attempting to smother the ball rather than return it. #CFC" was retweeted by over 50 media accounts including @BBCSport before it was subsequently deleted. Though that hasn't eliminated all trace of it as this example shows

Perhaps not surprisingly the subsequent apology tweet only received 13 media RTs. We've also put together some more details of the media tweets posted in reaction to the incident here including this word cloud of the top 100 adjectives used

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