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Fanta’s orange print ads are PR flavour of the week

28th February 2013

Good PR of the week

Fanta’s paper drink

Here’s a great example of creativity, inducing a similar love/hate public reaction to the brilliant breast-milk ice-cream campaign a couple of years ago.

The world’s first tastable print ad has been created for Fanta, inviting you to tear a piece of the page off, and “pop it in your mouth” to “enjoy” its newer orangey taste.

The Willy Wonka-esque ad was created by OgilvyOne in Dubai to promote the updated flavour, causing a few raised eyebrows in the process as the hygiene of the whole thing was rightly questioned!

Watch this video for more info and to watch weirdos eating paper because a big brand told them to:

Bad PR of the week

DKNY looks mean

When fashion label DKNY contacted a popular photographer offering $15,000 for 300 of his photos for a spring promotion, I bet it thought he’d jump at the chance.

However, after talking to a friend, the photographer – Brandon Stanton, a New York street photographer who runs the (very) popular Humans of New York blog – realised that $50 per photo was a bit cheeky; he declined the offer, asking for more money. DKNY refused and used his photos anyway.

Understandably irked, Stanton posted the following on his Facebook page (which, importantly, has 572,000 “likes“):


Almost 40,000 people have since shared the status (nearly 30,000 of which came within the first five hours), forcing DKNY to sit up and take notice. The usual “I’m never buying from DKNY again” line was repeated in various ways by thousands of page fans and then, people that heard the story, quickly giving the brand a massive PR headache.

To its credit, the company responded quickly, issuing an apology Stanton reposted on Humans of New York's Facebook page, in which it pledged to donate $25,000 in Stanton's name to the YMCA. It blamed a system issue (don’t they all?), saying:

“It appears that inadvertently the store in Bangkok used an internal mock up containing some of Mr Stanton's images that was intended to merely show the direction of the spring visual program. We apologize for this error and are working to ensure that only the approved artwork is used.”

Stanton has since started a fundraiser hoping to raise $75,000 to reach the $100,000 mark he’d originally asked for (that was subsequently ignored), in a bid to help 300 kids go to summer camps for two weeks each, citing the role the YMCA plays within many neighbourhoods as “a critical role of stability and community“. You could argue it’s been great PR for a very magnanimous Stanton and Humans of New York, which, by the way, is very cool.

One of Stanton’s images from Humans of New York

Have you seen any good or bad PR?

Contact Rich Leigh with it by tweeting him @GoodandBadPR or by emailing throughout the week and we’ll happily credit you for your trouble.

Good and Bad PR is a feature on the blog of 10 Yetis PR Agency. Rich also runs PR stunt and campaign blog

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