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Department of Health have smoking hot PR, but HMRC’s silence is not golden

3rd January 2013

Good PR of the week  

Smoking gun  

This anti-smoking ad has been doing the rounds online and I thought you’d appreciate seeing it.  

The controversial campaign from the Department of Health (and ad agency Dare) started running since the turn of the year, and will run for nine weeks. According to coverage I’ve seen of the £3m campaign, it’s been developed on the back of research that shows that more than a third of smokers still believe that the health risks associated with smoking are "greatly exaggerated".

Bad PR of the week

HMRC goes quiet

HMRC has blamed an "incomplete data set" for the fact it didn’t contact 300,000 families affected by imminent child benefit changes. The Guardian report a third of families that will be affected by changes to the child benefit system that come into force on Monday have not been told by HMRC.

You can read more about the changes here.  

Obviously, the British media has been going to town on it, with Labour quick to criticise the Treasury for the oversight. HMRC, seemingly in a bid to look like it is attempting to speak to the public about this, rushed together a Twitter chat, using the hashtag #HICBCQA. It’s going on as I write this, but very few people seem to know about it if the level of conversation is anything to go by.

Thanks to the Adam Dustagheer for tweeting me with this.

Have you seen any good or bad PR?

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