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Why Jim is picking the team for the final time

19th April 2013

Tragically, two friends of mine have died of cancer in the last six months. Both were young energetic people with their whole lives ahead of them. One went to his GP with a bit of pain and 48 hours later was given three weeks to live. He died about a month later. The other young lady was called Francesca Patterson. I won’t attempt to write about Fran’s story because she’s an infinitely better writer than me and if you read her blog Tiltingheads she can tell you all about it. Fran didn’t want any sympathy. She wasn't a victim. (Her blog by the way is truly inspirational.) A third person who has cancer is my old football coach. He used to turn up every Wednesday evening for training and every Sunday afternoon to encourage/shout at/have a laugh with a bunch of spotty obnoxious teenagers while we all chased a ball about. Why did he decide to do this rather than spend time with his wife and family? To be honest I was never too sure. I guess it was because he cared. Probably because he was putting something back into the community. And because he was a decent bloke. The happy news about Jim is that I can ask him why he did it this weekend. There is a reunion match against our local rivals and Jim, who is frankly riddled with cancer, is picking the team for the final time. So if you enjoy PRmoment, or even if you don’t, do us a favour and donate a few quid to Jim and Fran’s chosen charity – Marie Curie. And remember to enjoy life.

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