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Understanding your online video audience

5th March 2014

As a communications agency, it's incredibly important to keep on top of the ever changing face of broadcast and social media.

Due to changing viewing trends and the way we consume media, brands are often under pressure to produce high quality video on a frequent basis as part of their content strategy.

While user generated content has its place, online isn't solely a place for random iPhone footage of something you’ve seen in the street. Smart televisions, mobile devices and tablets have provided brands with an opportunity to engage a wider audience, however it is also creating new challenges. The issue now is defining what’s right for online audiences over television audiences.

Earlier this week we attended industry event BVE to find out more. It is a misconception that television is the aim for most producers because, now, there is a lot of scope for producing online content. Television channels have rigid schedules and target audiences, while there’s more scope online for a range of viewers and topics.

From a brand’s perspective, the issue has veered away from the ability to publish their content outside of broadcast, to engaging a new audience with different viewing habits and typically shorter attention spans. Whilst we are happy to sit at home and watch something for half an hour to an hour on TV, online content is usually consumed when time is limited AND with a variety of outside distractions – either sneakily watching it at work, on the train, or even in the loo! Brands need to bear this in mind when creating content specifically for an online audience – whether it be sponsored programming, social or educational video.

With YouTube having over 1 billion unique users each month, it can be incredibly hard to make your content stand out from the crowd. Here are a few tips on how to drive users to your videos and channel:

Daisy Bambridge, Project Manager, TNR

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