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5th July 2016

My interaction with YouTube is limited to watching the occasion DIY “how to” video for an embarrassingly simple task that I realise I do not know how to do.

I thought that made me normal, but having chaired our recent PR and Vloggers event and listened to a bunch on stats on the number of people regularly watching the UK’s most influential Vloggers and YouTubers, turns out I’m not as normal as I thought!

At the event Alfred founder Dan Neale talked about how brands can work with vloggers:

The importance of vloggers is put into some context with the following chart:

Sector Example of leading online mag Printed mag Vlogger
Beauty Cosmo - 6,500,000 (monthly views)  Cosmo - 405,308 (monthly)
Zoella - 10,788,440 subs
Sport Football 365 - 4,023,782 (monthly views)  Sport - 304,899 (weekly) F2 Freestylers - 4,135,000 subs
Games IGN UK- 28,775,547 (monthly views) Games TM - 30,000 (monthly)
PieDiePie - 45,900,807 subs

Here is an interview with Shivvy Jervis, Award-winning digital series creator, Digital Futures and digital content head, Telefónica where she here thoughts about how PR people should approach YouTubers:

I’ve summarised some of the top-line insights from the event below:

“Because there is payment and control by the brand, this is an advertorial and needs to be labelled upfront so that viewers are aware and understand that it is an advertorial before engaging."

There is further info here ASA

I asked Alfred’s Dan Neale what his advice is when considering the ASA guidelines:  “Disclosure is key. Morality aside, for both brand and influencer benefit, there is a need to be transparent about the relationship. If this isn’t done, this form of marketing will not only quickly diminish in effectiveness, but the influencers audience will disappear. A negative effect for all parties.“

Thanks to Alfred for partnering with us on this event.

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