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The integration of social media customer services and PR

24th September 2015

Last week we put on a social media customer services seminar in partnership with Diffusion PR.

I suspect if we had put on this event five years ago it would have been me, the guys from Diffusion and my event manager in attendance. However, the spectrum of public relations has increased and these days most good PR teams integrate their activity with their customer services teams - so the event was a sell-out.

This slide summed up nicely for me the importance of social media customer services in modern communications:

We had a stellar speaking line-up with senior comms people from Santander and London Midland and a senior social/customer services speaker from Telefonica.

At the event Diffusion’s Tom Malcolm outlined the differences between Facebook and Twitter from a customer services perspective:

Customer services on Facebook:

Characteristics Facebook users prioritise in a brand:

Customer services on Twitter:

Characteristics Twitter users prioritise in a brand

Francis Thomas, head of corporate affairs at London Midland, discussed the segmented channel specific approach to customer relations. This included dividing the Twitter presence into two separate feeds – one for a customer  relations and a second for the media. Francis also discussed the benefits of taking an integrated cross channel approach to travel crisis situations. 

Finally Bradley Tooth from Telefonica discussed O2’s approach to customer services.

O2’s approach to customer services:

Brad discussed how O2 has used humour, engagement and campaigns like OMG it's Friday to ensure its brand values are reflected in its social customer relations.

Finally here is a social customer care checklist from Diffusion’s Tom Malcolm:

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