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Robert Half’s Kristie Perrotte loves the variety and complexity of working for a global firm

27th February 2013

My day

6.15am: Wake up, watch the previous night’s BBC News at Ten on my iPad while getting ready. This allows me to get the main news without the lighter breakfast-style segments. As an alternative, I’ll call friends in Vancouver as it’s evening there. Being an expat, it’s hard to balance work and personal life with staying in touch with loved ones across the pond.

7.00am: Make the journey from Fulham to the City, alternating between the BBC and Le Figaro (France) apps, the Metro and CityAM. It’s interesting to read world news from other countries to get a more holistic view. It also allows me to practice my French.

8.00am: Review The Times and The Financial Times as well as any Robert Half media coverage from the past day. As an international company, I’ll always have 50-plus emails from my global peers when I arrive. I also manage the Middle East, so any press releases for that market have to go out first thing.

9.00am: Every day is different. I may be working on speaking points or prepping a spokesperson for interview; I may be editing our latest white paper or report or preparing our global thought leadership initiatives. I have a great team through my PR agency and I certainly keep them busy! I’m also fortunate to work with fantastic PR and marketing professionals across our 20-plus country network. The morning is usually the time you can get everyone from South America to Asia on the phone at the same time!

1.00pm: If I’m not taking out a journalist for a briefing on the job market, economic trends or issues impacting the financial services industry, you’ll typically find me at the gym. I’m much more productive in the afternoon after sweating out some of my pent-up energy.

2.00pm: We adopt an integrated marketing approach, so I’m typically called on for a wide variety of projects. I may be working on our content marketing initiatives or videos, social media or charity initiatives. I’ll also work closely with our leadership and recruitment consultants to ensure they are familiar with reports on the state of the UK job market. This allows them to engage their clients on issues impacting the recruitment market.

5.00pm: Our US corporate office comes online, so I’m generally on a conference call discussing plans for the latest global PR initiatives or organising an interview with one of our US executives. As an international company, it’s not uncommon that I’ll still be doing conference calls from home at 11pm. It may be a sacrifice at times, but I absolutely love the variety and complexity of working for a global organisation. It has also allowed me to have a more open mind about what makes for good PR and good news – I’ve now managed PR for Canada, UK, Middle East and parts of the US as well as work with our European, South American and Asia Pacific colleagues. It’s a rich career and I’m so fortunate for the opportunities I’ve had.

6.00pm: City life is absolutely all it’s rumoured to be. I’m generally out in the evening, whether it’s having drinks with colleagues or friends or attending networking functions. London has such a vibrant social and professional scene and while I’ve only been here two and a half years, I don’t see myself tiring of it anytime soon!

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