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PR’s Role in Attracting Acquirers

6th June 2014

Often, as the economy improves, the actual objective behind public relations and brand awareness is to attract acquirers. In my experience it’s often consultancies – rather than in-house teams – that are tasked with this challenge. Why? Because many executive teams want to avoid unsettling their workforce by outlining ‘exit’ as a corporate goal.

Understanding the role of PR in exit, therefore, is a valuable part of the PR consultancy toolkit. As you’d expect, companies do not attract acquisition interest by accident. They have to work specifically at generating awareness, tempting acquirer interest and, ultimately, winning the exit they are targeting. These campaigns are subtly but importantly different from ones focusing on sales lead generation or improving brand awareness.

For starters, the content and channels used need to mirror the ways in which potential acquirers identify and investigate target companies.

Some of the most consistently relied-upon information sources include:

So if these are the channels and information sources to focus on, what messages resonate?

There are certain company assets that heavily impact valuation, and which need to be highlighted and showcased through marketing efforts:

Finally, how does a marketing team best articulate and emphasise these assets to acquisition audiences?

A strong, targeted PR campaign is a vital part of any plan to be acquired. And given the sensitivities involved, it’s not surprising that executives are seeking external counsel to ensure their companies are positioned appropriately.

Richard Fogg is Managing Director of CCgroup, a B2B technology PR agency. In the last three years, CCgroup has helped ten companies exit and compiled a whitepaper to help others learn from this experience

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