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PR evaluation shouldn’t just be a back-covering exercise

29th January 2013

On the face of it, PR people have decided that decent evaluation of their work is important. When I speak to in-house PR people, they have either recently improved the measurability of their PR or they intend to do so in the next 12 months or so. That said, I’m still very much of the view that most public relations professionals do not concentrate sufficiently on measuring SMART outcomes from the stuff they do. But, rest assured that times are changing. As I say, the vast majority (not all!) of in-house PR/comms people I know highlight the need for robust measurement, some of them just havent got around to sorting it out yet! Decent PR evaluation should not just be a back-covering exercise, it should also help campaign planning, enable you to modify the campaign once it has started and allow you to see who the significant influencers were. And, of course, to measure all these things you must have some definable outcomes. If you're doing some or all of this stuff then you might stand decent chance of winning a category or two at AMECs evaluation awards. And believe me, clients, marketing directors and CEOs really do care about evaluation. If your PR measurement is not at the award winning stage just yet, then you might want to consider coming along to our PR Analytics conference.

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