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PR Census 2013

3rd January 2014

The PRCA recently completed their PR Census. It's a good data drop for lots of stats about the UK PR scene. Below are a few of the stats that caught my eye: The number of people employed in agencies in the UK: This stat suggests that medium sized agencies employ the most PR people. The number of people employed in an in-house PR role in the UK: So in house PR teams remain, on the whole, very small. Turnover of PR Agencies in the UK: Annual budgets for marcomms and PR in the UK - In-house: There is a pretty small number of big (£1M+) PR spenders. Annual budgets for marcomms and PR in the UK - Agency: Diversity of the PR industry - Gender: PR remains a female dominated profession. (By volume) Diversity of the PR industry - Ethnic Origin: The recent diversity campaigns have been largely ineffective. Time spent in the PR industry by gender: Average Annual Salary - Agency: Salaries in the UK agency market have increased a lot in the last 2 years. This has occurred in a difficult economic environment and the rises are way above inflation. This suggests PR currently has an imbalanced labour market - where demand is outstripping supply, pushing the price of labour up. Average Annual Salary - In-House: In-house salaries have risen by a lower percentage than agency salaries.  Time spent on out-of-hours calls/emails:   Expected change in sector investment over the next two years:

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