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PR apprentice Rachel Barry is learning on the job at agency Shrewdd Marketing

17th April 2013

My day

7.00am: My alarm wakes me up, I quickly take a shower and get ready for work.

8.00am: I check the Shrewdd Marketing Twitter account and check if there are any stories which may be relevant to our clients which we can get involved in discussions about. I also check my own social media accounts for updates. I then walk to work – it’s a major advantage that I live only minutes away!

8.45am: I arrive at the office and catch up with everyone on the accounts we are working on. I also check my emails to see if there are any things which need to be actioned. I then go and make the morning drinks – I’m sure it’s a job which every apprentice must get used to!

9.15am: Settle down into my first task of the day. This is usually checking for online media coverage for all of our clients and compiling a list to send to the clients via email at the end of the month.

9.30am: I then check if there are any new feature opportunities for our clients in various trade publications. As we work with a lot of innovative technology companies I always learn a lot from the publications and this ensures that I have a good knowledge of the industry. Since joining Shrewdd, I have learnt a lot about the specialist markets which our clients work in.

11.00am: I cut out the features that we’ve had in magazines and update the media coverage figures so that clients can have an indication of the AVE (advertising value equivalent) of our PR campaigns.

1.00pm: It’s lunch time in the office – I go into town for a look around the shops and also to get some fresh air to help me think for the rest of the afternoon.

1.50pm: On arriving back at the office, I check our Twitter account and update the profile with a tweet of the day. I love how our Twitter account is made up of many images of cakes which people have brought into the office!

2.15pm: My afternoons change according to what tasks are delegated to me. I often get to work on research tasks which also helps to keeps me updated on the industries we work in.

4.00pm: I round off the afternoon by seeing if there are any other projects which I can be involved in as I have a keen interest in all of the clients we work with and would like to be part of more accounts in one way or another.

4.30pm: I end the day by starting to write a proposal for a potential new customer. I attended the initial meeting so it would be nice to work on an account from the very first contact.

5.00pm: At the end of the day I usually go to the gym to attend a class or to have a general work out.

7.00pm: Getting back to my apartment I like to do some cooking and then watch TV or read a book for the remainder of the day

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