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9th September 2016

There’s always some sort of music playing in our office, whether that’s Radio X, BBC Radio 6 or a playlist on our SONOS system. Our team enjoy a bit of everything, and you’ll notice the volume slowly creeping up on a Friday afternoon as we prepare for the weekend! Here are a few of our favourite tracks:

Becky - Towers by Bon Iver
“I usually love anything a bit moody, but this is actually a really feel-good indie-folk song. Bon Iver is my favourite artist, reminding me of travelling with friends and this song (the whole album in fact!) always super-charges me when I have a long or tough task ahead.”

Rob - I Like It Like That by Pete Rodriguez
“Guaranteed to perk up even the grumpiest 'morning person' on a Monday and get them ready for a good week ahead. Serve daily, first thing, with croissants and plenty of tea or coffee.”

Chloe - 5 Years Time by Noah and the Whale
“Even when I don't listen to this song I have it stuck in my head! It is definitely my summer 2016 song and I always put it on first thing in the morning.”

Ollie - No Diggity by Chet Faker
“This song is a hip-hop classic reworked into such a laid-back and cool style that brings a great atmosphere to the office, especially on a sunny afternoon.”

Pete - Moments by Kidnap Kid
“Leo Stannard’s guest vocals really carry this song. It’s a great track to stick on whilst getting stuck into a big piece of work. It’s chilled enough to not be too distracting but grooving enough to keep the momentum going.”

Playlist by digital marketing agency Impression

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