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British Airways’ Sophia Procter spends her day flying high, while keeping her feet on the ground

6th February 2013

My Day

7.30am: My day starts earlier than I’d like it to. I turn to Twitter for a bite-size update of the world, followed by my work phone for any company news. I get into my Volkswagen Up (best present to myself ever!) and turn the volume to 11, as Nick Grimshaw eases me in to the day. I’m so glad I no longer use the train.

9.00am: We go through the papers dissecting stories and noting any trends or opportunities. This is followed by our daily round-up of the press coverage, which ranges from our new Ibiza service in Metro, to a review of the London City service online, to our Visit Britain partnership in Travel News Asia.

10.00am: My first meeting of the day – a conference call with our partner BAFTA. We catch up about the forthcoming awards and PR opportunities on the horizon.

11.00am: I usually spend the morning drafting press releases and plans. Today I attempt to come up with a punchy headline about working with One Direction, when our grad comes up with a funnier line than me. I put it down to him being a secret fan.

12.30pm: Lunchtime. I tend to combine eating with checking for holiday inspiration. One of the perks of the job is that I can legitimately look at holidays, and this year Barbados is top of my list! I’ll usually look at our Twitterfall around this time, a useful barometer of what people are saying in real time.

2.00pm: Nick, our resident photographer comes over with some beautiful shots he took over the Olympics, we pick out the best ones for an awards entry.

2.30pm: Pop downstairs to the BA Museum to dig out menus and uniforms from the 1980s for Comic Relief’s 25th anniversary. I’m amused that even cabin crew were power dressing in the 80s.

4.00pm: Jemma, from our charity partner Comic Relief, calls to update me on celebrities for a forthcoming UK project visit we’re doing. The project is just 20 miles from our office and a humbling reminder of how well the money is spent at home, as well as abroad.

5.30pm: As I start to wind down, a couple of emails trickle in from America, just waking up. My day is brightened as the wonderful Aria Hotel confirms our stay for a forthcoming trip to Las Vegas.

7.00pm: I meet my husband in Richmond for dinner. We discover a basement bar that sells lots of red wine and meat #Happiness!

10.30pm: A cursory glance of the Mail Online and Twitter completes my fix for the day.

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