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Hedgehog Hall of Fame: South West Yorkshire NHS - Excellence Awards 2012

13th August 2013

Company: South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Campaign: Excellence Awards 2012 Category: Event of the Year - North - Shortlisted Objectives The Trust provides services to over 1 million people, employing 4700 staff in over 100 bases. In 2011 new services were acquired that more than doubled the workforce, fundamentally changing the nature of the organisation - one of the largest NHS acquisitions in the country. This inevitably had an effect on both existing and new staff. Against this backdrop of unprecedented change, objectives for the awards event, Excellence, were: • Produce a cost-effective, professional, celebratory event for staff • Boost staff morale; help staff feel valued by the organisation • Encourage the sharing of best practice and raising of standards • Create a sense of pride by celebrating and recognising staff and service excellence • Increase understanding amongst staff of the range of services provided by the Trust • Use award winners to highlight the work of the organisation to external stakeholders Strategy & Target Audience The target audience were the attendees of Excellence - shortlisted staff, service users, carers, partner organisation representatives and Trust Board. Approximately 75% of the event audience would not have previously attended an awards ceremony. Therefore expectations would differ. Excellence had become a pinnacle in the Trust’s calendar but needed a change to successfully meet the new objectives. PR staff suggested the production of films that showcased all shortlisted entries for use both at the event and after. This meant making 12 films featuring the 30 shortlisted projects. A procurement exercise was undertaken and the tender awarded to Deadline Digital. Filming would take place after shortlisting and had to demonstrate the diversity of services. The awards had to provide entry opportunities for all so broad categories were carefully chosen to reflect Trust aspirations (e.g. innovation, creativity, quality, partnership and involvement). Entries were for teams only; to reinforce a feeling of teamwork and co-production. The event itself was designed to boost knowledge, provide network opportunities and create a real sense of celebration and achievement. Throughout, articulating the real stories of staff and service users was paramount, keeping best practice and quality at the forefront whilst also retaining a vital human interest element. Action • Judging of entries was by a panel of 40 including staff from all grades/disciplines, service users, carers and partners • 30 projects were filmed for the event; interviewing 103 people and travelling 682 miles to 23 locations. 90 per cent of filming took place over just 12 days • Film interviews took place in, amongst others, hospitals, a garden, a smoke filled container, a sensory room, a sports hall, a museum and on a boat! • Extra film footage was captured at winning projects (without their knowledge) so they could be surprised on the night with a dedicated ‘winners’ film’ • Films were played throughout the event and used no voiceover, allowing staff and service users to tell the stories • Films deliberately did not include awards branding to ensure longevity beyond the event enabling multiple use and ensuring best value for money • The event was hosted by the Chairman and Chief Executive and awards were presented by directors - who also sat amongst teams • Table plans were carefully orchestrated to enable networking, alongside a drinks reception. Results 232 people attended including staff, service users, carers and partners. 90 staff (40 per cent of attendees) completed a feedback survey: • 100 per cent enjoyed the event • 100 per cent said it met their expectations • 100 per cent agreed it was well-organised • 100 per cent enjoyed the films and felt they enhanced the night • 100 per cent would encourage others to enter next year • Over 230 comments were received (see supporting material) that are overwhelmingly positive and directly show how the event met objectives. Examples: “Best work night ever!.” “Makes staff feel valued.” “Exceeded expectations and motivated me.” “I have been to many award nights, this was one of the better ones and it wasn't organised by a professional company but by the Trust's own staff.” “Positive and celebratory” “Nice to hear from other units and gave us something to aim for.” “I was surprised at how diverse the Trust is - the films inspired me as to how areas of my own practice could develop.” “The amount of information distilled into a short amount of time was quite astonishing. The films captured a real sense of what the Trust is about and the vast array of disciplines we now cover. Essential viewing.” “I learnt a lot.” “Such a great boost” “Films so inspiring. I was moved by what I saw and proud to be part of this organisation.” “We’re already thinking what we can do in the coming year that could be award winning. So it is helping to drive up standards.” “Makes you want to try harder in the next year.” “I spoke to several people about how we could share the work we have done and help others develop their service, the evening gave a great opportunity to network.” “Creative, high energy event. “ “Incredibly professional and well run.” • In just one month since the event the films had been viewed online over 1,600 times. They had also been shown at public events, exhibitions, staff inductions, conferences, scrutiny meetings and to local commissioners (who decide which Trust services to fund). This totalled an additional audience of at least 1,100 people in the same time frame. URLs • Photos, event details, winners and films: • Event film: The PRmoment Golden Hedgehog Awards 2014 are now open for entries. Here are this years updated categories.

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