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Hedgehog Hall of Fame: Publicity Seekers - Low Carbon Lighting

13th August 2013

Company: Publicity Seekers Campaign: Turning the Spotlight on Low Carbon Lighting Limited Category: Low budget campaign - North - Shortlist Objectives To create awareness of the Low Carbon Lighting Expo event with target audiences – businesses, local authorities, trade – energy, green energy, environmentalists and the media. To convey the following key messages: Primary - Low Carbon Lighting received investment from Northstar Ventures - The company is holding a launch event – the Low Carbon Lighting Expo - The company is securing business from the private and public sectors Secondary  - The products are designed and manufactured in the North East - Low Carbon Lighting provides value, efficiency and performance Strategy and Target Audience - A campaign was developed by Publicity Seekers which focused on targeting media on a one-to-one basis in order to tailor individual needs and to secure quality coverage - Media targets included relevant print, online publications, bloggers, radio and television - Publicity Seekers used its own network of media contacts within business, politics and social media, including bloggers, to contact relevant people to raise awareness of the event - Creative pitches were made to the journalists describing case studies of street lights in both Newcastle and Iceland, offering the facts around savings and costs.  The team also described the real life street built for the event, the road, electric car and mock factory - Due to the tight timeframe, the team had to pitch and secure media interest almost immediately. Our approach was to dedicate a week to thoroughly planning the media relations activity, a week to pitch and to schedule briefings in the diary, and a final week to implement a proactive approach to securing media coverage in the week prior to the event. Action - Individual pitches were made to identified media with specific and relevant angles. Briefings were made in person to media based in the North East so that specific facts and angles could be discussed two weeks prior to the event.  This approach ensured that hooks could be developed and the team had time to undertake any follow up actions e.g. case study information.Trade media based in the south of England were visited personally or contacted by phone and emailed information - Press materials including a briefing pack, images, backgrounder and press releases were developed and issued to the media a week prior to the event - A video was produced of the event and used on YouTube and other social media channels. - We were prolific on our process to secure media coverage and 9 interviews arranged (from a possible target of 12 journalists). - The Publicity Seekers team identified visual opportunities for TV and film and tailored pitches to visual broadcast media to film the event which included a life size street scene built within CityGate, the original home of electricity for Newcastle.  An electric car was scheduled to drive on the street under the lamp-posts which were Low Carbon Lighting designed - On the morning of the event, Tyne Tees TV and Sky Tyne & Wear filmed at the venue and included an interview with Managing Director of Low Carbon Lighting, Tim Cantle-Jones.  See links to and for sample broadcast coverage - Radio opportunities were secured during the early morning of the event with BBC Radio Newcastle, including preparing a local councillor to be interviewed on the subject of low carbon street lighting and speaking very positively about the product (local authorities being a key customer audience) Results - The team was successful in delivering above and beyond client expectations in terms of media interest and client service providing daily updates on PR activity - Coverage content included key areas required in the brief with 100% including identified primary and secondary messages - 100% of coverage contained all three key messages - Over 1.1 million people read or heard about Low Carbon Lighting Limited during the week leading up to the event - 3.75 million people read, saw or heard about Low Carbon Lighting Limited on the day of the event, guests heard about the company and event prior to attending (primarily via TV and BBC Radio Newcastle), thus creating awareness and interest -  23 individual pieces of coverage were generated across print (19%), radio (12%), online and TV (being 69%), with 97% in the week leading up to the event and 3% on the morning of the event (radio and TV) - A return on investment delivered of 33:1 - The team added value by inviting key industry contacts and securing attendance at the event including councillors, RIBA, Knight Frank Commercial facilities Manager Social Media Evaluation - Twitter evaluation – as of June 15, 2012     - The team contacted relevant Tweeters e.g. Lighting, Green Energy journalists who re-tweeted information about Low Carbon Lighting Client quote Tim Cantle Jones, Managing Director of Low Carbon Lighting Limited: “I was very impressed with the planning and speed that the team developed a PR programme and implemented it. I felt informed at every step of the way and feel that Publicity Seekers through their efforts in generating so much media coverage have contributed in securing serious discussions with potential customers worth millions of pounds in business.” The PRmoment Golden Hedgehog Awards 2014 are now open for entries. Here are this years updated categories.

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