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Hedgehog Hall of Fame: Kindred - Make Mine Milk (Social Media)

28th August 2013

Company: Kindred Campaign: Make Mine Milk Category: Social Media Campaign of the Year - South - WINNER Objectives Milk was a forgotten product with an image problem. Consumers – and teenage girls in particular – saw it as outdated and high in fat. Milk sales were down 20 per cent since the deregulation of the milk market in 1994. Within this context, the objectives of social media activity for ‘make mine Milk’ in 2011/2012 were to: 1. Contribute to widespread awareness among teenagers: secure 100,000 Facebook ‘Likes’, 2,000 Twitter followers and 100,000 YouTube views. 2. Change rational and emotional attitudes among teenagers: improve both emotional and rational perceptions of milk by +3 per cent against key statements: a. ‘Milk is cool’ b. ‘Milk is becoming more popular’ c. ‘Milk is low in fat’ 3. Increase milk consumption among teenagers Target Audience   The ‘make mine Milk’ social media campaign was aimed firmly at teenage girls in Great Britain – a health-conscious group who had virtually stopped consuming milk altogether. Tying in to the broader campaign’s strategy of communicating milk’s benefits through the power of celebrity, social media aimed to create communities which meant the ‘make mine Milk’ brand became part of teenagers’ everyday lives, and – through this approach – make milk as a product became part of their everyday diets. Action Generally, milk is not the most exciting of subject matters. We therefore needed to apply creativity in order to get the attention of teenagers in an exciting and engaging way. We did this through: • The Milk Challenge – raising awareness and encouraging consumption The Milk Challenge, a competition to see which celebrity could drink a pint of milk the fastest, was designed to encourage milk consumption. Launched by Justin Bieber (secured for no fee), over 35 celebrity challenges (featuring teen idols from Olly Murs to boxing champion Nicola Adams) have been uploaded to the campaign’s Facebook’s page generating over 500,000 YouTube views. It has also inspired British teens to submit their own attempts. • London 2012 – embodying ‘healthy’ and ‘cool’  Strong, successful young women triumphed at this year Olympic Games and were resonating strongly with the campaign’s social media communities. Having monitored this uplift in positivity we surveyed our community about their favourite female Olympians and then approached their chosen stars - Nicola Adams, Laura Trott and Jade Jones – to front the campaign. The gold medal winning trio signed London 2012 merchandise for Twitter giveaways, got competitive in the Milk Challenge and participated in the ‘make mine Milk’ Games to find the ultimate Olympian. The activity led to a 300% spike in Facebook’s ‘Talking about this’ measure, over 700 Twitter competition entries and 67,000 YouTube views. • Social celebrities – changing emotional perceptions As well as social media channels being used to canvas opinion and inform who should front the campaign, celebs were also chosen on the basis of their digital footprint (leading to December 2011’s campaign star, Kelly Rowland tweeting about milk to her 4 million followers during the X Factor final). Content for social channels was obtained from every campaign celebrity to give our fans behind-the-scenes access, reward their engagement and demonstrate celebrity endorsement in order to communicate the ‘milk is cool’ and ‘more popular’ message: - Vinnie Jones (popular with teens after the British Heart Foundation’s Stayin’ Alive campaign), filmed a series of ‘agony uncle’ videos where he gave tongue-in-cheek advice on topics of the communities’ choosing (including dealing with your parents, bullies, and Facebook etiquette) - generating almost 50,000 video views. -  Kelly Rowland launched the ‘Mate of the Month’ Facebook competition where teens nominated their friends for the chance to win shared experiences. Over 250 entries were received over the two-week competition period. - Twitter giveaways of signed merchandise and money-can’t-buy prizes enabled us to push out quite dry rational messages in an exciting way. Users are asked a question such as ‘what’s the fat content on semi-skimmed milk?’ for a chance to win. A recent competition to win an exclusive Vinnie Jones mug generated 400 re-tweets and nearly 300 new followers. • The Smarter Starter Challenge – communicating rational messages Research identified breakfast as a key consumption occasion that many teens choose to skip due to time pressures and weight concerns. Working with Kelly Osbourne, who fronted the February 2012 advertising burst, we filmed a series of videos about Kelly’s new approach to healthy living and the importance of breakfast as part of this. Fans of the campaign and mummy bloggers with teenage children were encouraged to take part in Kelly’s ‘smarter starter’ challenge and try a different milk-related breakfast every day for a week. The videos were viewed over 2,500 times and over 150 teenage girls signed up to take part in the challenge – sharing pictures of their healthy breakfasts across their own social channels. Results Results of the campaign’s social media activity far exceeded expectations: 1. Awareness: By December 2012, the ‘make mine Milk’ Facebook community was 130,000 ‘Likes’ strong, the Twitter following had reached 5,000 and YouTube content had been viewed almost 900,000 times. 2. Attitudes: perceptions of milk have improved far past the 3 per cent target. Continuous tracking of the campaign by Researchcraft has demonstrated the following uplift against our teenage audience: a. ‘Milk is cool’ - up by +23 per cent b. ‘Milk is becoming more popular’ - up by +19 per cent c. ‘Milk is low in fat’ - up by +20 per cent 3. Sales and consumption: social media has been instrumental in achieving wider campaign objectives. Milk sales are up by 111 million litres year-on-year (according to independently audited sales figures from the MMF companies). This is the first sales rise for 20 years. Teenage consumption – the focus of social media activity has played a vital role in this, and figures obtained from Kantar (Spring 2012 vs Spring 2011) focusing solely on 11 – 16 year-old-girls show a staggering +18 per cent rise in teenage girls consuming ‘milk on its own’ (as The Milk Challenge encourages them to) and a +9 per cent increase in milk consumed at breakfast (as championed by Kelly Osbourne’s Smarter Starter Challenge). URLs Campaign channels: Facebook Twitter YouTube Official Website Exclusive Celebrity content: The 'make mine Milk' Games starring Laura Trott, Nicola Adams and Jade Jones Vinnie’s advice corner: Facebook etiquette The PRmoment Golden Hedgehog Awards 2014 are now open for entries. Here are this years updated categories.

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