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Freelancer Alison Wileman starts with a tweet and ends with a Namaste

27th March 2013

My day

5.45am: I wake up to a nice organic coffee and check out my emails and client Tweetdeck accounts to see if there has been any activity overnight. I manage social media for several clients, and this morning I am fielding customer queries and scheduling up tweets for my local client Arthur’s Organics to promote the Soil Association’s bee-friendly organic farming campaign, Keep Britain Buzzing.

6.45am: I head out in the car on my hour-long journey to Sheffield. Today I am working with Skills for Justice, managing its PR and social media on an interim basis, and also providing training and workshops for its staff on both subjects. I listen to the Today Show on the way, collecting any gems of information relating to the current hot topics for the sector skills council. So far this year they have been the ‘Rehabilitation Revolution’, Apprenticeships and all things relating to the justice sector such as the new police and crime commissioners. If a specific piece of news affects our work (we work with employers to equip their workforce with the skills they need now and in the future), I’ll plan on how I can work with the team to prepare a response, or at a minimum do some work on the Twitter account.

8.15am: Arrive at my client’s office, check my emails and catch up with the marketing team.

10.00am: Prepare the week’s pre-scheduled tweets and start to work on gathering content for the all important monthly communication, the e-brief, a real mixed bag of stories from its sectors.

1.00pm: Attend lunch with the team, I’m only with them a day or so a week, as I also work offsite. We make the most of our time together, catching up and ensuring we get the most from our work together.

2.30pm: My afternoons are usually split between writing and disseminating information, as well as training various team members to use the social media and email tools so they can join the debates. Social media is a powerful tool for this client and it is progressing rapidly with its knowledge and understanding of it.

4.15pm: Close down my laptop, then make the journey back to Hull.

5.30pm: Pick up other client work from my home studio. One of my new clients CS Labels, has an exciting time ahead of them as they have created jobs and invested a large amount of capital into their business, and I’m delighted to help them promote that. I prepare a press release for the local and national media, in addition to creating them an e-shot campaign trail to support their new capabilities. I also specialise in helping organisations use data to their advantage, harvesting customer information from all areas where it might be hiding, and in this case the client is no exception. The team look forward to the campaigns kicking off.

6.30pm: I head out to Swanland, a village near me, to teach a yoga class. As well as being an interactive marketer I am lucky enough to live out another passion of mine which is teaching yoga several times a week as part of company TWS Wellness which I run with my husband Steve. My class consists of a large percentage of professionals in various high-pressure roles, so I can relate to them well. I help them to learn to relax and release tension, and this helps me to relax too and switch off from my day! We end the class with the word Namaste, which is traditional in yoga practice.

8.30pm: I arrive home to my wonderful husband and we chat about our work, eat an organic home-cooked meal together and enjoy general laughter and silly banter. No TV in our house, social media and the internet gives me all of the information I need to do my job successfully, although we might watch an episode or two of The Mighty Boosh if we’re in the mood.

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