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A busy day in the office in London’s Holborn for Threepipe’s Farhad Koodoruth

1st May 2013

My day

6.45am: Wake up and head for the shower, trying to avoid reading my emails on the way! Don’t feel that I really function till I’m dressed and ready for the day. Follow this up with breakfast while watching the news and having a quick check of my emails to see if I have to change any of my plans for the day. Luckily today is not one of those days.

8.00am: Make the journey into Holborn, checking the news on number of different apps and mobile sites from the BBC to the newspapers and key industry news, so I have caught up on what’s going with the world and feel prepared for the day.

9.00am: Start my day by checking in with the team, have a quick catch up with individuals on key clients and ensuring we are on top of things and that progress is being made before heading to my desk and working my way through the email traffic.

10.00am: Meet with the finance team, it’s essential for me to be fully up to speed on what’s going on financially within the agency and so we run through how we are performing client by client, look at the other key financial areas such as staffing, creditors/debtors, cashflow and the more general term financial planning to make sure the key financial decisions in running the agency get made.

11.30am: An existing client is looking to launch a new video service so I lead the brainstorming session on ideas that we can use and develop and promote the service effectively. These are usually quite good fun as we throw ideas around the room while working towards a concept and plan that maybe workable. Delegate the next steps to the key members of the team and set the times/dates to catch up to have a presentation ready to go to the client.

1.00pm: Lunch, usually at my desk and catching up with a combination of the industry news, the morning’s emails and any other bits that crop up from the team.

2.30pm: Head out to an introductory meeting with a prospective new client that’s potentially coming over the from the US, alongside running through credentials we have an active discussion on the differences in digital marketing between the US and UK and potential options going forwards. The meeting goes well and the outcome is for us to work up a proposal. Head back to the office.

5.00pm: Call with a client that’s about to go live in the US with the team, smoothing out the last-minute points before going live. Followed by a call with our lawyers to deal with some areas with the landlords. Head back to my desk to try and clear the email traffic that’s accumulated during the course of the afternoon.

6.30pm: I’m generally out in the evening, whether it’s having drinks with colleagues or friends or meeting with prospective and current suppliers or clients.

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