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5 Tips to Take Control of Your Client’s Online Reputation Management

3rd October 2013

Search engine reputation management is often thought of as a dark art – much like PR, to some – but it doesn't have to be. Ensuring your clients are seen in the way they want to be seen is likely part of your role as a communications professional and as such, their online reputation matters. Essentially, online reputation management from a search engine perspective relates to exact name matches or keyword searches that will present search engine users with information about your clients. As just 1 in 20 people click through to the second page of search engine results, taking control of the first page of results is often enough to ensure misleading or unwanted results don't impact upon the profitability of your client's business, or damage their reputation unnecessarily. If search engine results for your client's name displays out-dated or false information, there is something you can do about it – and it's in your interest to, as it's been found more than 90% of journalists use Google as their first port of call when researching stories. With enough effort, you can – without having to resort to 'black hat' techniques, legitimately push down unwanted results in SERPs (search engine result pages) within a few weeks to a month. Although every case is different and often requires specialist attention – especially with relation to high profile news stories – here are a few tips to make a start on taking control of search engine results for your client (with their permission, of course!): Veribo is a premium online reputation management company, with clients including global household names, public figures and executives interested in taking control of unwanted and/or misleading search results in a bid to protect their online reputation.

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