My PR playlist by Piers Le Moignan from PR agency One Green Bean

PR, more so than many other professions, has its ups and its downs.

Everyone has those days when it might seem easier to just hide in the office supply-room, but there are also those days where you’ll find yourself high-fiving strangers on the bus. So it’s of the utmost importance that the office playlist is consistently on point – and fits the mood.

For example, Power-Ballad Hour would most certainly be amiss if it wasn’t exclusively reserved for that particular hour on Fridays when the booze fridge opens and people begin to slip into weekend mode. 

One Green Bean houses a diverse array of incredibly colourful people, many of whom have strong ties to the music world, so given that each person has access to the music system, even an afternoon in the office can quench my thirst for discovering new music. Here are my top five tracks that frequently grace our speakers:

The Internet – Girl
This Californian soul collective bring together a fusion of R&B, soul, and jazz in most of their tunes, but the groove on this track in particular, always sets a real nice vibe around the office when it worms its way to the top of the queue #vibez.

Foals – My Number
My all-time favourite band delivering one of their most upbeat songs: My Number is immediate, poppy, and catchy as hell. Try not to sing along to the chorus, I dare ya.

Grandmaster Flash – The Message
Taking it all the way back to the streets of The Bronx, Circa 1982, an old-school classic never fails to disappoint.

Tycho – Awake
Ambient music at its best. A blinding intro to his latest LP that sets the tone for what follows (more chillwave goodness). Ideal for getting you in the zone when shit needs to get done.

George Michael – Careless Whisper
The guiltiest of guilty pleasures.

Playlist by Piers Le Moignan, account executive at PR agency One Green Bean