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Why is there a recruitment crisis in PR right now?

Ben Smith talks to Jamie McLaughlin, Managing Director at Capstone Hill Search in London, about why finding talent in PR right now is tough, and what candidates and employers could do to help

Communicator's of the Week: Team Novo Nordisk

The only professional cycling team made up entirely of diabetic riders not only use inspirational words to communicate a positive message but impressive actions to ride them home

Navigating the pitfalls of social media in the Pharma Industry

Social media can prove a minefield for pharma companies trying to find the best path through industry rules and regulations, but integrating new, relevant marketing strategies is a must to reach increasingly digital-savvy patients

Dare to be different in PR!

Having big ambitions (as a child he considered being prime minister) means that Simon Kelman, head of PR and marketing at internet specialist, Online Tech Group and founder of agency Slap PR, is not afraid to take risks. Here he describes how being brave has helped his career, while he urges others in PR to do the same

Can the new PR punks save our industry?

The recession has left its mark on the PR industry, with weary agency account directors heading client-side and profit margins dropping despite revenues increasing. Thank goodness there is a new wave of talent sweeping in to rejuvenate PR says Samantha Howard, founder of agency The Comms Crowd

Communicator of the Week: Jaguar and its XE launch

Jaguar's launch of its new XE saloon has been positive - with brilliant content and a compelling story, all communicated with swagger

The challenges of a foreign PR professional getting a job in London

Newcomer or native, is there anything a stellar communicator with access to a great PR database cannot achieve, if given the opportunity?

Mis-Communicator of the Week: Abercrombie & Fitch

The brand's confusing, corporate double-speak announcement not only misses the chance to re-connect with the audience but also jars with the brand identity

The solution to PR’s recruitment crisis

Ben Smith interviews 3 Monkey’s Director Sarah Ogden on how she manages life as a working mum

Why spin destroys the trust between those communicating and those listening

Spin destroys the trust between those communicating and those listening, says Alex Singleton

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