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Why spin destroys the trust between those communicating and those listening

Spin destroys the trust between those communicating and those listening, says Alex Singleton

The solution to PR’s recruitment crisis

Ben Smith interviews 3 Monkey’s Director Sarah Ogden on how she manages life working mum

AMEC announces Stockholm as 2015 summit host

AMEC's 2015 conference will be held in Stockholm

How brands can use Pinterest

Most brands are still learning about Pinterest, so here are a few tips to get you using the network effectively

Prime Research’s Richard Bagnall offers five pieces of PR career advice

Taking a measured approach. As chair of AMEC’s social media measurement group, it is no surprise that Richard Bagnall, CEO of Prime Research, is a keen proponent of measurement in PR. Here he describes his career and shares five key pieces of wisdom he gained on his way to the top, the first of which is: “no one owes you a living”

Communicator of the Week: Alistair Darling

Darling and the Better Together campaign used a good strategy during the debate with Alex Salmond, Scotland’s first minister, at the Scottish Independance Referendum

From apps to adverts, today’s tasks of Pitman Training Group’s Jamila Juma Waré

Do waterproof notepads exist? A question posed by Pitman Training Group’s head of marketing, Jamila Juma Waré, as she needs one! She describes a hectic day from waking up (very early) to checking her last emails of the day (rather late)

The rise of ‘internet activism’

We discuss how this trend coined 'Internet activism' can and does have an effect on a variety of issues around the globe and question what this means for PR

Robert Minton-Taylor describes a life most extraordinary

Robert Minton-Taylor can recognise the make of caravans from their rear-light clusters, a hangover from his first writing job. Now with 46 years’ PR and journalism experience, and having won 27 awards, he lectures at Leeds Business School. Here he discusses his career highlights and lowlights (as well, of course, as those caravan lights)

Mis-Communicator of the Week: Tesco

You may have had a wonderful shopping experience, been served by helpful and friendly staff, bought all you wanted but this positive experience is undermined by the final interaction with the Tesco brand's 'price promise' telling you your shopping would have cost less somewhere else

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