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Stop Wasting Time: Create better agency workflow

Stop Wasting Time: Create better agency workflow

The consultancy business is all about time - saving time, creating time and selling time. But are PR firms using time efficiently? For the first time (see what we did there!) PRmoment is presenting exclusive research that looks in depth at how UK agency workers spend their time. From selling in, to being on the phone, to emailing, to creativity, to (with irony) filling out time sheets! Join us for the presentation of this research along side a discussion with two star studded agency leaders panels.

Co-creating partnership content with bloggers and vloggers

The opportunities to co-create innovative and mutually beneficial content partnerships with bloggers and YouTubers is an important part of modern public relations. At this event we'll hear from leading Youtubers, bloggers and agencies on how they have co-created content that works

How creative technology and innovative platforms are redefining brand communications

Many believe that innovation in technology and platforms is rising head and shoulders above the rest as the stand out creative. A station takeover cannot just be physical now - it must be digital/social. A picture stunt for the sake of it feels hollower than ever. There are so many boundaries to push, so many ways of connecting people - brand communications can no longer be one dimensional, they should be intrinsically linked to the appropriate technology or an appropriate platform. Our speakers at this event will talk you through how they are trying to do this with the brands they work for.

The Future of Influence

The need for organisations to communicate with their publics has never been greater and the scope and ambition of their communications is only increasing. But without influence none of this will be possible. At this event will examine the future of influence. We'll be looking at the following themes: the influence of Youtubers and bloggers, the future of journalism, the opportunities for brands, influence mapping, influence tracking, global influence and the role of content

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