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Who are the five worst PR clients?

Date: 01 March 2013 13:56

All clients are a challenge, and some are plain impossible. However, I thank my stars there are some brands I don’t have to deal with. So until things get really difficult, or the wife gets a Harvey Nichols habit, here are a few brands that I hope I won’t ever have to work for.

1. The Liberal Democrats. For years you got through the day by playing devil's advocate, safe in the knowledge that you would never be in government. And then one day you're in government. Suddenly that completely unrealistic portfolio of policies needs to add up. Tough gig I reckon.

2. Horse traders. The justification of selling a beef burger with horse meat in it is not an easy sell. Plenty of press clippings mind.

3. On-line gambling merchants. Even I have morals, and persuading people to bet cash they can’t afford to lose is just plain wrong. I feel the same about pay-day loan outfits. Until I need one that is.

4. The Potato Council. I'm just not sure what I could say!

5. Train operators. No matter how hard you try you will never be loved.

However, if there are any champagne and fine-dining businesses looking for an enthusiastic champion out there, I’m their man!

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    V amusing, although I did work for potatoes once and managed to get a journalist laid on a press trip to Jersey to meet the potato farmers. The result: great coverage, so not to hard after all ;-0

    Name: Jenny
    Date: 05 Mar 2013 01:35 PM

    If you're adding online gambling merchants to your list, you really ought to consider adding payday lenders. Any organisation that charges between 2,000 - 4,000 percent interest APR shouldn't have a PR agency trying to get their message across.

    Name: Wendy Roberts

    Date: 05 Mar 2013 04:28 PM

    Potato Council? Walk in the park. People love spuds.You want to try working for the Tobacco Manufacturers Association. I did and was landed with with that as a junior to hit the phones on. media weren't feeling the vibes. Now that, believe me, is a tough gig.

    Name: Mark P

    Date: 07 Mar 2013 02:18 PM

    These guys must be up there with the potatoes... www.facebook.com/greatbritishcarrots

    Name: Paul Dalton-Borge
    Date: 15 Mar 2013 11:05 AM

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