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Five ways PROs annoy journalists

Date: 08 May 2012 16:47

You have to love journalists, after all, they are kind of useful in our line of work. But it can be hard sometimes, especially when many are so plain rude about the PR profession.

So what reasons do journalists have for being superior? I have spoken to a few of my friends who are still stuck on the dark side (I refuse to call PR the dark side!), and they have listed stupid things that PR people do:

1. Pretend that you are their best friend. It’s good to be friendly, but apparently acting like you are best buddies with a journo when you’ve only met them once for coffee can grate. So maybe I should hold off on the hugs and kisses when I take that marketing journalist out to lunch later &hellip

2. Call them up at the wrong time with irrelevant information. Journalists don’t like picking up the phone to hear stupid requests from PROs, and apparently it’s particularly annoying on press day. But they don’t like my bothersome emails either, so what’s a guy to do?

3. Poor attention to detail. Journos complain that some information they get is plain wrong, with names misspelt and glaring inconsistencies. Well, it can be boring checking all the facts sometimes.

4. Insist on accompanying clients to meetings. For some reason journalists prefer to meet our clients without us in the background interjecting all the time. But surely it’s better to have ME there, with MY witty commentary. I shall choose to ignore this.

5. Miss deadlines. Now this I completely understand, information is useless if it comes a day too late. Just wish some of my clients could understand this...



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